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Game Info

Platform:  Windows

Language:  English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish

Multiplayer:  Yes

Publisher:  SEGA

PC System Requirements
  • OS : Windows XP SP3

  • CPU: 2 GHz Intel Dual Core

  • Memory: 2 GB

  • Video Memory: 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8500/ATI Radeon HD 2600

  • DirectX: 9.0c

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Specific notice

A Steam account, registration with enclosed serial code and internet connection are required to play.

Description & Game Features

You and your friends against the deadliest killers in the galaxy. Another glorious day in the Corps.

Buckle up, soldier! Welcome to Aliens™: Colonial Marines. Created by Gearbox, the critically acclaimed and fan-favourite developers of Borderlands and Brothers In Arms, this first-person shooter is steeped in the eerie, claustrophobic and terrifying atmosphere that made the Aliens films successful worldwide.

You and your friends will become the most badass military outfit in the galaxy – the US Colonial Marines. Following on from James Cameron’s classic Aliens, your squad will face off against the deadly, intelligent and unpredictable Xenomorph. It’s up to you to not just survive, but wipe out the infestation.

Game features
The most terrifying creature in cinema history
Face off against the ultimate enemy, as they use their unearthly skills to navigate across walls, swarm through vents and find new ways to attack you and your squad.
The most authentic Aliens experience ever.
Using authentic environments inspired by the film series including Hadley’s Hope, the Sulaco and LV-426, you will be immersed in an eerie, atmospheric world where any moment could bring your death.
Enlist in the Marine Corps.
Bringing you a true sequel to James Cameron’s Aliens, get tooled up with classic Marine weapons and equipment including pulse rifles, motion trackers and flamethrowers.
Drop-in/Drop-out co-operative gameplay.
Gearbox, the masters of co-op bring their expertise to the Aliens universe. Xenos getting too tough? Call up your buddies so they can drop in with extra firepower. The whole campaign can be played with a squad of up to four players, dropping in and out as necessary through self-contained missions within an over-arching narrative.
Loadouts and upgrades.
Create your perfect killing machine. An extensive upgrade system allows players to customise their characters to play the way they want. Earn experience to get perks, new weapons and new looks for your squad.

User Reviews (1)

Not as good as it should be by Acesbomb

This game has been panned in the reviews, yes PANNED BIG TIME. However a few things to note; Most reviews were console reviews. Console graphics are much worse than pc Console versions are much more buggy than PC. It is a mystery what Gearbox have been doing for 6 years as the game is rough around the edges and comes across as a budget title. However there is one saving grace for this game, it is actually FUN. More fun than Aliens Vs Predator. AvP looks better graphically and is more polished, but that's about it. 4 player co-op is nice Versus modes are fun Serious lack of maps (6 years in development lolz) It' a bit of a rip off really, charging for a season pass when there is barely any multi player content in the first place. Multi-Player is great fun but let down by lack of maps. Pick this game up in a sale. If the reviews put you off then give it a try, not as bad as it's console siblings.

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